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Spences Bridge

Desert Daze .

August 12th + 13th

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Acacia Grove R.V. Park & Cabins is part of the property once owned by Jessie Ann Smith who wrote, with her daughters, the book entitled “The Widow Smith of Spences Bridge”. She calls this particular part of her land “Sunnyside” and notes the “lovely grove of acacia trees” that are “visited by swarms of hummingbirds” in the spring when they are blossoming.

The park is set back from the highway and runs parallel but overlooking the river, affording a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, the Thompson River where the Nicola River joins it, the old one-lane bridge and of course the trains. To compliment the acacias and green lawns, there is a small orchard as well as several other fruit trees planted all over the property. During summer and fall there are apples, apricots, plums, pears, and mulberries to pick and preserve.

The climate is perfect for fruit and vegetables, sunshine almost every day, (85%, that’s 310 days per year). Luckily there is a plentiful supply of water from a dam above the Murray Creek Falls which can be seen at the south end of town from the bridge. Since the climate is so dry there is no problem with mosquitoes once the spring run-off has receded and the river banks return to normal.

Wildlife is abundant in and around Spences Bridge. Bighorn Sheep live in the neighboring hills and drop in from time to time to sample the local fare in the schoolyard and resident’s lawns. They can be seen very often once the mountain weather turns to winter and their food is covered in snow. There are several returning pairs of osprey who live high above the river on the hydro poles. Black bear come down to the river when the salmon are returning from the ocean and there is lots of wild fruit to eat. The salmon runs are spectacular, they can be seen through the clear water from the shore and also as they jump and splash in the river. On the back roads it is common to spot deer, grouse, black and grizzly bears, and of course many kinds of birds live in the woods and in the park.

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